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Naďa www 1.10.2009 23:00.00

Web-site: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=24686&l=a0f Indisputably, I recommend Mr Kralik to all that hesitate whom out of currently such a large number of photographers available to pick. I would like to spend the superlatives especially on the photographer’s creativity, imagination, flexibility and professionalism. The pictures are loved not just by my husband and me, but by all our relatives as well. So, Mr Kralik, you shall expect loads of work if all young couples from the considerable number of our wedding guests and attendants decide for your services. For the future, we wish you taking still so many beautiful and more beautiful images that you took for us. Thank you! (Translation of the originally Slovak mail of May 14, 2008)

Miriam and Hendric Stattmann www 1.10.2009 23:00.00

Mr Kralik, thank you so much for your wedding photography. The images are just breath taking! Thanks to you we have even after a month far from our wedding the opportunity to perceive not just the magic of what you have shot, but also joy, laugh and other bright emotions of the day shining through the images. Excited about our wedding photos and album are not just my husband and me, but also all that have chance to see them, home as well as abroad. When planning next big party, we will definitely contact you again. We wish you always having many so satisfied customers as we are. (Translation of the originally Slovak mail of May 16, 2008)

Ferdinand Beier Čuperka www 1.10.2009 23:00.00

… well… neither my newlywed wife nor me are fans of putting any references, contributions or whatever on web, but this time… we just could not help ourselves … all of a sudden, we told ourselves to do that! … About the wedding??? It was totally intimate, defying all the traditions we would say, not even on Saturday and our demanding requirements were so many… for an intimate atmosphere, for a photographer – Mr Kralik… We weren’t very thrilled about the idea of formal, stiff, usually taken pictures that we had known until we worked with Mr Kralik – first and foremost, we wanted to follow closest family’s wishes…now, we are cosmically fortunate that we yielded to the idea of hiring a professional photographer … it was an awesome decision … briefly… THANK YOU, Mr Kralik…we are so contented and first and foremost, we are looking forward to show them to our child … the trace of your work is deep, inerasable …won’t be removed ever! Respect! Yours sincerely, Silvia and Ferdinand P.S.: WE HEARTLY RECOMMEND YOU TO ALL WHO HESITATE …CAUSE THEY WON’T REGRET! (Translation of the originally Slovak mail of May 18,2008)

Sona and Rado www 1.10.2009 23:00.00

We want to thank you very much for our beautiful photos from the botanical garden that a very skilled photographer has taken. Although since the morning, our wedding day wasn’t developing as planned, the photographer managed to create at shooting an excellent atmosphere. We had some serious problems to choose out of so many beautiful images the best ones… We thank also Mr Kralik for his professional treatment. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu very much! (Translation of the original Slovak mail of July 14, 2009)

Andrej and Lenka Čičmanovci www 1.10.2009 23:00.00

We’d planned a small wedding, without any wedding traditions. Nevertheless, we could not imagine our wedding without any wedding photos. After short consideration (if to engage a family member), we decided to “bet” on professional photography services. Some situations can’t just be repeated. Our cooperation with Fotocentrum resulted in 60 wonderful paper photos. We’re classics (drink Nescafe every morning), out of variety of different effects offered we chose simple color photo format and we don’t regret. Two small albums that our pictures were supplemented with are currently in our young household the most read “books” :-) (Translation of the original Slovak mail of August 4, 2009)

Anton and Zuzka Tománekovci www 1.10.2009 23:00.00

Hmmmm, wedding, photography, video ... The photographer, we had an acquainted one, a professional. Initially, we thought that one of our friends could take our wedding pics, but when we addressed him, he said that it would be a pleasure to serve but "what if it did not work out well" and that he wouldn't take the friend's wedding on his conscience. So we kept thinking what next. Zuzka reminded herself that by the university graduation ceremony they had a very proficient photographer that took great pictures and was kind. So we called him. Great was that Mr Kralik advised us a good location (yes, Botanicka zahrada) where we were photographed by his photographer. Personally, I was glad that I got into Botanicka as for 10 years, I had planned to do so but there hadn't been time. The location was very agreeable and photoshooting ws also great. Photograf had some places prepared but managed to take also some outstanding snapshots. Afterwards, photography at the ceremony and gratulations followed. From both locations - Botanicka and ceremony - a lot of pics were taken. And they came amazing out. Regardless if they were group shots or detailed portrayals, we liked them very much. A lot of photographs were made and one can choose among them for an album, for friends, they can be put onto the wall, possibilites are off limits. We look forward to looking through them and eventually to showing them also to our granchilds. Thanks. (Translation of the original Slovak mail of September 2, 2009)

Marcela and Igor www 1.10.2009 23:00.00

By my university graduation ceremony, professional photography services proved to be most welcome. Thus, when organizing our wedding we paid great attention to finding the right photographer. After longer, careful, in-depth internet search, I addressed Company Fotocentrum and Mr Kralik. The moment I laid my eyes on Mr Kralik's work, tears welled up in my eyes and at the same time, I started to laugh as well, as when I saw our wedding photos I once again experienced our wedding. With his work, I am satisfied above and beyond all expectations; and I can only recommend. When I now look through our wedding photos that my friends and Mr Kralik took, it becomes absolute clear who the pro is. Many thanks to You and I'm confident that once I'm retired and looking through our wedding photos, I will think of You. (Translation of the original Slovak mail of September 4, 2009)

By the Fotocentrum of Mr Kralik, we ordered photography as well as video recording services. We let our photos be taken in Botanicka zahrada what Mr Kralik suggested as a back-up plan in case of rain showers on our wedding day, initially we had planned to go to Devin. The location Botanicka zahrada was amazing, photos are really fabulous. The video worked also marvellous out, hence the services of this photocentrum we can only praise, commend and recommend! (Translation of the original Slovak mail of September 23, 2009)




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