Reportage, for Companies

Pricelist - Reportage Photography (Company Event, Congress, Party, Ceremony, ....)


You pay only for the photos you like and pick. Our time spent or total number of photos taken has no effect on the final price charged.




1 picked photo = 2.50 EUR



The price includes:

  • Transport (Bratislava, Western Slovakia)
  • Our time spent
  • Paper photos (size: 13x18cm)
  • Digital images on DVD or CD storage
  • Standard photo editing (crops, color and brightness corrections, complexion retouching, tone and shine control)






Example: Event photography 

                  You pick e.g. 40 images out of all images taken.

Calculation: 40 x 2.50 = 100 EUR (40 edited photos of 13x18cm + DVD with images in digital form)


You pay for NOTHING MORE! (You pay nothing extra either for our time, overtime, transportation, or editing.)





We deliver the images mainly on DVD or CD storage, in other formats or forms are the images available on demand.



By further order, standard photo prices apply.


Possibility to print the images also of metre formats.

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